Philip brought this baby home yesterday, Marshall headphones mid BT (on ear). They got this gift from SHL (Swedish Hockey League) because they won the league table. Unfortunately they lost already in the quarter finals against Malmö Redhawks in best of seven. So that wasn’t fun and also kind of unexpected. Any how, the headphones seems really good and I’m lucky I didn’t want those as a Christmas gift which I was thinking at first. Here is where you’ll find them.




The dinner at CAVA last night was super tasty! Almost all of the girls were heading out for more fun except for me. But I know how tired I’ll get if I don’t go to bed at a reasonable time, I need to be up at 6. The Saturdays is usually pretty long and intense with only a short break. So now I’ll need to say good night!


Yesterday we had a night out with the team. It was super nice but we were short on time since we had bowling booked as well. I could’ve just stayed at the dinner place all night. For those who like risotto you really have to try Piazzo Teatro’s, it’s so good!