Today’s the last day of my month, April and it’s also Valborg (Walpurgis Night). It’s been a good month but I’ve been working plenty but that’s good! That means more money when going to New York at the end of May. I’m actually not gonna do anything today and that feels great! The only thing I have planned is working out. I’m actually off now for three days, how wonderful is that? And after work on Wednesday I’m going to a hair saloon to cut and color my hair, so excited. But more about that later, have an awesome day.

So this is what my morning looked like! Banana pancakes with whipped cream and strawberries ❤



Sometimes you gotta be a little ego and give yourself a pat on the shoulder and say Happy Birthday to yourself. Anyhow, me and Amanda had a little bit of a pre-birthday celebration yesterday at Pinchos, after that we grabbed a glas of rosé at PM & Vänner (Tak). After sitting there for a while we went to Hemmakväll and while in there we got the spontaneous idea to go see a movie. Wasn’t a lot of movies to choose between so we ended up seeing Get Out. Super scary but also very good! When the movie was over we went to my place and just relaxed in the sofa and then went to bed. Amanda stayed the night, I could never have slept alone after that movie haha. This morning I was woken up by breakfast in bed. I gotta say that Amanda is a superbly substitute for my boyfriend Philip.

We ate some breakfast and then watched SKAM and Gift vid första ögonkastet (Married at first sight). After that I drove Amanda back to her place and then went to pick up Philip whom has been to Belarus for a couple of days with Tre Kronor. So that was a pretty good Birthday gift as well to be able to see him since I think he’s going to leave tomorrow again to continue playing with Tre Kronor in Stockholm and Prague this upcoming week.


I spent this weekend in Stockholm celebrating Easter and my upcoming Birthday. So this Saturday my mom’s place was full of relatives, friends and family. I got some really nice stuff and it was nice seeing everyone again. Philip has been away with the National Team in Södertälje this weekend and tomorrow they’ll be leaving for Belarus and will probably be home on Sunday just in time for my Birthday. Philip did lose his front teeth in one of the games they had last week and also got a hole in his upper lip so when I saw him the day after he was pretty much unrecognizable. The poor thing were in so much pain and the lip was so swollen you could barely see that he actually had lost his two front teeth. And he played the game the day after, hockey players.


I got this travel journal that I wished for, it’s so nice and I’m so looking forward writing in it when going to New York next month (and other places I’ll visit).



For this years Birthday I wished for this handsome little thing + camera case (from my boyfriend) that I’ll unfortunately have to wait for. It looks so good! It’s like a digital polaroid. I’m so gonna take this one with me to New York and the pics will fit perfectly in my new travel journal as well!