I arrived around 3 pm on Sunday. It took a while to get my bag because apparently it was on the side all along and not on the carousel. So I stood there waiting for like 30 minutes and then me and another girl realized something was off so we went to some Delta desk and there it was, this have happened like two times for me and I don’t know why. But I’m just happy I found it really.


The flight was awesome! I was like alone on the plane, ok no but like 20-30 people max. The stewardesses joked about us having our private plane. So I had my stuff all over the place and took a nap laying on all three seats.


It was so lovely seeing my host kids again! They have grown so much (still act the same though haha). So after picking me up from the train station in Ronkonkoma we went for dinner. The service was awful but we just laughed about it.


So yesterday we went around the neighborhood just letting me reconnect with the area. It’s been almost three years since I was here last but everything pretty much look the same.


Yes, here are some flowers again. There’s a lot of pretty flowers around here so don’t hate on me.

We also went to the LIM (Long Island Museum) in Stony Brook. We saw some art and some really old carriages that they have in the museum.


The family actually live in the old black smiths house which is pretty cool. It’s an old Victorian house.


We also realized there was the Memorial Day Parade so we stopped by Dunkin’ Donuts (so very American) and sat in the car waiting for the parade to start. So here is a little clip of that (make sure to press HD).

Later I went to the Smith Haven Mall to see what had changed, but it still looked the same as well. But before that I made a stop at Marshall Home Goods, it’s impossible to get out of there empty handed. So I did my first shopping there.

Talk to you later, have a nice day.


As of right now I’m on the plane departuring from Stockholm heading to New York. I should have flown 08:30 but there was some delays but I knew that since yesterday so luckily I haven’t spent the whole morning waiting at the airport. So safe flight to me, see you soon New York, you’ve been missed.


This weekend the handball team had arranged an “bicycle party”. It is pretty much what it sounds like. You go around by bike to peoples houses to drink and eat. It’s like plenty of pit stops before actually heading out. It was a lot of fun! I worked though so around 4 pm the whole team came to my house.

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Today he’s playing against Latvia! His first World Championship game ever, I’m so excited (and proud)! The game is played local German time 20:15. I so would wanna be there again and watch this!

Here is a few articles that has been mentioning him: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5




This place was so cool and the atmosphere was really relaxed and I loved their interior.


Everything was vegetarian and super delicious, and you might see what I mean when I say I loved the interior?


From this menu above I tried bread with avocado and fresh tomatoes and a cappuccino.


I also tried the crépe with nutella and strawberries, this was seriously delicious. To that I also had a freshly squeezed orange juice.


The Cologne Squad!


This beauty is a galette with avocado and fresh tomatoes.


The things I ordered, yummy!


Hommage is located at Friesenstraße 73, 50670 Cologne, Germany. And I can really recommend this while in Cologne.



We went in to the city around 11:00 am. We strolled around among all the pastel colored houses. We had a plan to go to this brunch place called Hommage (more about that in the next post) so we ate a small breakfast while waiting for Philip to join us since he was practicing with the hockey team.


These houses really are photogenic.


More pastel colored houses, sorry but I like them!


And some flowers, well I like flowers too.


After eating at Hommage and doing some shopping we met up with the rest of the gang again and we found them sipping on their beers in the sun, not surprising!


Joachim was happy with the weather and his beer.


Julia was happy as well. I love her glasses! For those who might wonder where to get a pair you can find them at chimieyewear.com. And you can find the exact same pair that Julia is wearing here.


Philip and Philip enjoyed themselves as well, and who can blame them? It was an awesome day!