I got to my hotel around 18:00 pm. I took a quick shower and then Philip met me at my hotel. We went to TK Maxx which is the same as TJ Maxx but I don’t know if they have changed their name? We also went to Primark, didn’t think they would have Primark in Cologne but they did. They actually had pretty good shopping.


After doing some shopping we went to a place called L’OSETRIA which was an Italian cuisine restaurant. The food was good but the customer service was not as good as the food.


They had a really cool sign hanging over the kitchen.


When finished eating and waiting like 15 minutes for the check Philip followed me half way back to the hotel and then we said our goodbyes. A really nice evening strolling around in the city.

I brought my Canon 5D Mark III with my 50 mm 1.8 lens since that is my tiniest and lightest one. I was think about bringing all my lenses but since I only had hand bagage it was a little bit to heavy.

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