We went in to the city around 11:00 am. We strolled around among all the pastel colored houses. We had a plan to go to this brunch place called Hommage (more about that in the next post) so we ate a small breakfast while waiting for Philip to join us since he was practicing with the hockey team.


These houses really are photogenic.


More pastel colored houses, sorry but I like them!


And some flowers, well I like flowers too.


After eating at Hommage and doing some shopping we met up with the rest of the gang again and we found them sipping on their beers in the sun, not surprising!


Joachim was happy with the weather and his beer.


Julia was happy as well. I love her glasses! For those who might wonder where to get a pair you can find them at And you can find the exact same pair that Julia is wearing here.


Philip and Philip enjoyed themselves as well, and who can blame them? It was an awesome day!


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