So today I’m heading in to the city. I’m gonna meet up with an old colleague of mine so that’ll be nice. She lives here now so after spending time in the city I’m staying with her for one night out in New Jersey.


This is Petey, he is like the cutest dog ever! He also seemed to remember me a lot which was nice. He’s a beagle and the only difference between when I was here last and now is that he is chubbier haha.


I watched the boys soccer practice and took some photos of them. Matthew drinking his water.


Robert, always with a ball!


Then yesterday I figured I should catch the sunset at West Meadow Beach but before heading there I took a ride to Avalon Park & Preserve. While passing there you go by this place. And no that’s not a real deer.


The sunset was magical at this place to!


Sorry but the light was really awesome.


While in Avalon Park I saw the butts of these (real) deers. But they were a little bit to far away even though I used my 200 mm lens.


Don’t know who that is but he made a nice silhouette.


Oh, how I’ve missed these magical sunsets!


I mean, look at it. Always so soft colors but still bright. I’m glad I got to see at least one sunset.

But now I need to make myself ready for the city. TTL!

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