Sorry, it’s been a while. But there is a lot of things going on in my life since a lot of things are happening for my boyfriend and of course that indirectly affects me. But it’s good changes though. We just moved back to Stockholm from Växjö (where Philips recently played ice hockey), to our new apartment in Hammarby Sjöstad. Later this fall Philip are going back to Vancouver to attend some hockey camps for the Vancouver Canucks which is his new team. But their AHL team is on the East Coast in New York so there is a slight chance that he will play there as well, nothing is written in stone so to speak. So whenever I know where he will end up (that can of course change during the year) I will join him.

But anyway, I really liked Vancouver so I hope we will be there most of the time. Hope I don’t jinx this now!

So, time for some pictures. Vancouver had some absolutely stunning views!


This was the view from where we stayed so I figured why not try night photography.


The next few pictures are from Grouse Mountain which was so cool and the view overlooking Vancouver was amazing. We got a private guided tour and saw this big boy and his friend called Grinder and Coola and some cool birds, eagles, owls etc. The tour was actually arranged by Henrik and Daniel Sedin and they were there with us with their families. It felt so surreal walking on this mountain with two of the greatest ice hockey players of all time. But they were really nice and down to earth. But that was definitely something I’ll remember for a long time and it was also the highlight of the trip.


Don’t remember what this guy was called but he was cool.


The view facing away from Vancouver City. Mountains wherever you turn, love it!


Some kind of owl.


View from the restaurant where we had dinner, can’t complain.


The view from the Gondola going down.


I think those two mountain tops were called Lion’s Gate.


Some kind of hibiscus?


Sunrise from our balcony.


We rented a car and went to Whistler, and the scenery going there was so pretty! Mountains, lakes, fog, trees. Really amazing nature.


In the Peak2Peak gondola.


We met this cute marmot and his friends on top of the Peak2Peak.


He started posing and all.


This view though ❤




Well, there had to be some kind of evidence of me being there so here I am.




and again.


Olympic rings.


On the way back we made a stop at Shannon falls and saw this sign, which is pretty common in the Vancouver area but it still gets you every time. Even though I’m from Sweden and the stereotype would be that we have polar bears walking the streets, which is not true of course. But the grizzlies are SO much bigger than the average black bear or the brown bear that we have in Sweden.


The nature was amazing there as well, wouldn’t expect anything else by this point.


Philip was so tired of me wanting to stop on all of the look out points to take pictures, but I managed to make him stop twice haha.


We went to what seemed to be a really popular place called Medinas. They had a lot of healthy food but they seemed to be most popular for their waffles.


Pretty coffee, who can resist?

That was some of the pictures from our trip to Vancouver but of course I can’t share them all. Hope you enjoyed them! You’ll find more pictures on my Instagram.


So now I’m home in Växjö again. New York was awesome and the family will be missed! The last pictures I have is from New York City. I met up with my friend Annica there.


We ate a little brunch at Henries, which is located in China Town.


Just a random picture from China Town.


Just a colorful apartment building.


Manhattan Bridge


A little view from Manhattan Bridge.


Brooklyn Bridge, my feet was really hurting from all the walking.


Empire State Building shot with my zoom. After the day in NYC I went home with Annica to New Jersey.

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Tomorrow I and Philip are leaving for Vancouver! I’m so excited for that but not the 9 hour and 30 minute non stop flight. Hope I can get some sleep during that. We’re flying from Copenhagen to London and from there to Vancouver.


So today I’m heading in to the city. I’m gonna meet up with an old colleague of mine so that’ll be nice. She lives here now so after spending time in the city I’m staying with her for one night out in New Jersey.


This is Petey, he is like the cutest dog ever! He also seemed to remember me a lot which was nice. He’s a beagle and the only difference between when I was here last and now is that he is chubbier haha.


I watched the boys soccer practice and took some photos of them. Matthew drinking his water.


Robert, always with a ball!


Then yesterday I figured I should catch the sunset at West Meadow Beach but before heading there I took a ride to Avalon Park & Preserve. While passing there you go by this place. And no that’s not a real deer.


The sunset was magical at this place to!


Sorry but the light was really awesome.


While in Avalon Park I saw the butts of these (real) deers. But they were a little bit to far away even though I used my 200 mm lens.


Don’t know who that is but he made a nice silhouette.


Oh, how I’ve missed these magical sunsets!


I mean, look at it. Always so soft colors but still bright. I’m glad I got to see at least one sunset.

But now I need to make myself ready for the city. TTL!


I arrived around 3 pm on Sunday. It took a while to get my bag because apparently it was on the side all along and not on the carousel. So I stood there waiting for like 30 minutes and then me and another girl realized something was off so we went to some Delta desk and there it was, this have happened like two times for me and I don’t know why. But I’m just happy I found it really.


The flight was awesome! I was like alone on the plane, ok no but like 20-30 people max. The stewardesses joked about us having our private plane. So I had my stuff all over the place and took a nap laying on all three seats.


It was so lovely seeing my host kids again! They have grown so much (still act the same though haha). So after picking me up from the train station in Ronkonkoma we went for dinner. The service was awful but we just laughed about it.


So yesterday we went around the neighborhood just letting me reconnect with the area. It’s been almost three years since I was here last but everything pretty much look the same.


Yes, here are some flowers again. There’s a lot of pretty flowers around here so don’t hate on me.

We also went to the LIM (Long Island Museum) in Stony Brook. We saw some art and some really old carriages that they have in the museum.


The family actually live in the old black smiths house which is pretty cool. It’s an old Victorian house.


We also realized there was the Memorial Day Parade so we stopped by Dunkin’ Donuts (so very American) and sat in the car waiting for the parade to start. So here is a little clip of that (make sure to press HD).

Later I went to the Smith Haven Mall to see what had changed, but it still looked the same as well. But before that I made a stop at Marshall Home Goods, it’s impossible to get out of there empty handed. So I did my first shopping there.

Talk to you later, have a nice day.


As of right now I’m on the plane departuring from Stockholm heading to New York. I should have flown 08:30 but there was some delays but I knew that since yesterday so luckily I haven’t spent the whole morning waiting at the airport. So safe flight to me, see you soon New York, you’ve been missed.



This place was so cool and the atmosphere was really relaxed and I loved their interior.


Everything was vegetarian and super delicious, and you might see what I mean when I say I loved the interior?


From this menu above I tried bread with avocado and fresh tomatoes and a cappuccino.


I also tried the crépe with nutella and strawberries, this was seriously delicious. To that I also had a freshly squeezed orange juice.


The Cologne Squad!


This beauty is a galette with avocado and fresh tomatoes.


The things I ordered, yummy!


Hommage is located at Friesenstraße 73, 50670 Cologne, Germany. And I can really recommend this while in Cologne.



We went in to the city around 11:00 am. We strolled around among all the pastel colored houses. We had a plan to go to this brunch place called Hommage (more about that in the next post) so we ate a small breakfast while waiting for Philip to join us since he was practicing with the hockey team.


These houses really are photogenic.


More pastel colored houses, sorry but I like them!


And some flowers, well I like flowers too.


After eating at Hommage and doing some shopping we met up with the rest of the gang again and we found them sipping on their beers in the sun, not surprising!


Joachim was happy with the weather and his beer.


Julia was happy as well. I love her glasses! For those who might wonder where to get a pair you can find them at And you can find the exact same pair that Julia is wearing here.


Philip and Philip enjoyed themselves as well, and who can blame them? It was an awesome day!